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  • Agency: Sampson May
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Phil is a passionate web developer with ten years of professional experience in creative agencies. Loving new challenges, he enjoys finding practical solutions and methodology to presented tasks. A highly adaptable individual who thrives in a team environment where mutual support and dedication to the wider goal is high. He also has the ability to work on his own initiative to deliver quality and excellence.

During his career, Phil has developed a number of content management systems, as well as working with off-the-shelf solutions including WordPress and Umbraco, for a varied range of clients from many differing sectors.


HTML5, XHTML, XML, semantic markup, microformats, HTML emails, SEO best practices and accessibility.


CSS3, progressive enhancement / graceful degradation, mobile first responsive design, cross-browser compatible websites, grid systems, Sass.


AJAX, jQuery, bespoke jQuery plugins, jQuery UI, grunt, modernizr and exposure to canvas and Ember.


Apache 2, MySql, PHP including MVC applications and CodeIgniter, Vagrant.

Version control

Subversion, Git

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